Financial Strategies for Today, Tomorrow and Beyond

The professionals at Kelly Mansdorf & Co. are dedicated to helping businesses and individuals accomplish their financial goals.  We provide personalized accounting and consulting services.

Start early for best results

While there are many accounting firms in Connecticut, Kelly Mansdorf and Co. is one of a handful of local accounting firms with a proactive approach to tax and financial planning. We are committed to maintaining consistent communication with our clients throughout the year, allowing us to help our clients plan proactively and identify opportunities.  This enables us to be able to make timely adjustments to any life changing events as they occur. This ensures our clients benefit from every opportunity while keeping their tax liabilities to a minimum.

What can the right accountant
do for a small business?

Why hire a professional accounting firm?

This may seem like a routine question, but for us, your answer is very important. Clearly the more we know about your motivation for contacting us, the better we can serve your needs. For example, some of our clients vividly recollect the moment when some aspect of life, or business, became too complicated to handle alone. They remember not knowing what to do next, much less how it should be done.

Others clients have told us the time spent trying to organize the companies accounting records prevented them from having a balance between work and life. After outsourcing the businesses needs to an accounting firm not only did they achieve balance in their life there were numerous other opportunities. Having a professional accounting firm prepare the necessary tools to better analyze their business enabled them to identify areas in need of improvement and also make better decisions that ultimately led to business growth and increased profitability.

Corporate AccountingStill others had a great idea for a new business, but needed help setting up the financial aspects so that the dream could become a reality.

Professionals, such as attorneys or other accounting firms, said they contacted us because we are known for our excellent support services. They are correct. We will seamlessly make sure all the financial forms and supporting information needed to serve your own clients will be in place… when and where you need it.

What can the right accountant do for a small business?

Tax Planning: We do much more than prepare tax returns. We are involved in the planning stage of any new business and offer advice on preparing a business plan, selecting a business structure, choosing and setting up bookkeeping systems and negotiating leases. Once a business is operational, we prepare all tax filings to ensure you are in compliance as well as offer financial reviews and advice.

Business planning: As your accountant we can take on the role of general business consultant or advisor. You want to get in a new line? We will tell you why it makes sense or doesn’t make sense. You have a problem with cash flow, collections, internal controls, inventory pricing? You contact us and we are there for you.

Networking: We are a great source of referrals. As your accountant we may have one client who is seeking financing and another who is looking for a good investment; we can put the two together. We can also refer to you other professionals you may need, such as attorneys, insurance brokers or bankers.

Personal tax planning: Often, personal tax issues are closely related to and affected by business tax issues. As your accountant we can help you plan and strategize the most advantageous solution for you personally and your business.

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